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We know we can give you the best.

All the materials used to create Mimo's sofa and armchair are accurately selected among the best Italian and foreign suppliers. Before using, fabrics and leathers are skillfully controlled to test their performances: our materials are resistant to washing, light, abrasion, pilling, ecc. Particular attention is paid to internal and external stitching, all constantly subjected to tear resistance test.

The specification of the interwoven elastic belts and steel zig zag springs have expressly been studied to obtain the seat's level of support and elasticity.

All the materials used in the products' manufacturing (layers, woods, metals, polyurethane, etc.) are subjected to many different tests to assess their resistance and durability. In order to protect the environment we also adopt environment-friendly practies such as the limitation and/or elimination of chemically polluted substances (CFC, formaldehyde, etc.).

This is the real strengh of Mimo's products: thanks to the absolute superior quality of all the components we create armchairs and sofa of excellent value.

Upholsteries, frames, padding and springings are adequately describes in a Product Sheet (defined by law) that also contains useful suggestions on the cover's maintenance and cleaning.

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